Frequently Asked Questions

The goal is to have links approved in 2 or 3 business days, but it is often much faster. We rely on a small group of Access experts to validate the links are related to Microsoft Access.
You can't change any of the information here, but if you update your title and meta description on your site, we will pick up any changes on the next scan.
We try to update the links status and scan the links for any changes once a week.
The main requirement for a link is to be related to Microsoft Access or something useful to someone working/developing with Access. It is generally fine to have a multiple links to a single site, as long as the title and description are unique. We try to follow these additional guidelines:
  • If the site has products or utilities, it is fine to have a link for each product or utility.
  • If the site has services, it is fine to have a link to each type of service, as long as they are unique. (i.e. Consulting Services and Database Recovery)
  • If the site has collection of samples or tutorials, we won’t approve a link to each item, but it is fine to submit a link to a category. (i.e. Form Tips, Report Tips, VBA Samples)
There are a few possible reasons
  • It was not related to Microsoft Access.
  • The site already has too many similar links.
  • It is a duplicate or near duplicate link.
  • The link is a redirect.
  • The link contains a referral code.
You can send your appeal to . Appeals may take several weeks to process.
Absolutely. The categories and groups are constantly evolving, and we are happy to hear suggestions. Send your suggestions to .
At this time, we are looking to expand our approvers that are fluent in languages other than English and German. If you have a wealth of experience with Microsoft Access and are fluent in Spanish, French, Russian, Portuguese or Chinese, contact us at .